Trained vs. untrained dance in worship

In the latest Network Leaders 'cyber-chat' session, ICDF network coordinators reflected on some topics relating to Christian dance. Peter shares his thoughts about 'trained vs. untrained dance'... The thing that struck me was the idea of quality in dance. Yes, we want to do the best we can and, yes, we want to see more quality and … Continue reading Trained vs. untrained dance in worship

3 Questions

What is the theme/aim of what we are dancing? I am currently re working a celebratory Messianic/Ballroom fusion routine with Vera Chierico.  It is a celebration of both our belief in God and both of our dance styles. Who are we ministering to? This will affect how we approach a dance and of course links … Continue reading 3 Questions

Sexuality in Dance : Ballroom and otherwise

God Is A Ballroom Dancer? "The early church leaders described the Trinity using the term perichoresis (peri-circle resis-dance):  The Trinity was an eternal dance of the Father, Son and Spirit sharing mutual love, honour, happiness, joy and respect… God’s act of creation means that God is inviting more and more beings into the eternal dance … Continue reading Sexuality in Dance : Ballroom and otherwise