Connecting the Dots with Sue Hodson and Anna Gilderson!

Checkout our YouTube interview with Sue Hodson (South Africa) and Anna Gilderson (United Kingdom). They will share their passion and purpose as they teach the joys of worshiping through dance by expressing God's word through story telling movements at the Worship Through Words and Dance Workshop on Saturday, October 16th via Zoom. This conference is … Continue reading Connecting the Dots with Sue Hodson and Anna Gilderson!

Dance Out Loud

Our purpose as a worshiper goes far beyond our gifting. We're not just dancers, we are worshipers. This is what we were called to be before any title was given or before any gift was placed upon us. We were created to worship Him. This purpose brings a new level in our dance and movement. … Continue reading Dance Out Loud

ICDF of Malaysia

Dancing the Gospel Dance is an art form that breaks down barriers and crosses borders. View the beautiful photos of the ICDF of Malaysia as their dance gives understanding to the eternal truths of the Gospel and make invisible truths visible. For upcoming ICDF Malaysia events, please contact the National Coordinator: Karen Liew at