Trained vs. untrained dance in worship

In the latest Network Leaders ‘cyber-chat’ session, ICDF network coordinators reflected on some topics relating to Christian dance. Peter shares his thoughts about ‘trained vs. untrained dance’…

The thing that struck me was the idea of quality in dance. Yes, we want to do the best we can and, yes, we want to see more quality and get better at dancing, but it annoys me that a high level of dance is often expected for worship dancers within the church. I am not talking about dancing up at the front or a routine and the like. I am talking about general worship dance. I have seen some who are not natural or trained dancers asked to stop. We would not ask people to stop singing at the worship time.

One of my previous pastors was totally tone deaf. He was not encouraged to worship silently. But because dance is a visual medium, people react to the ‘cringe factor.’ Dancers who wish to worship in dance and are not natural movers or are not trained, should not be asked to stop because of how it looks.

— Peter (Ballroom Dance Network Coordinator)


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