3 Questions

What is the theme/aim of what we are dancing? I am currently re working a celebratory Messianic/Ballroom fusion routine with Vera Chierico.  It is a celebration of both our belief in God and both of our dance styles.

Who are we ministering to? This will affect how we approach a dance and of course links to what I said above.  When I worship dance, at church or a conference for instance, am I only worshipping or am I also ministering. At church we worship dance at the back. I know people turn round and watch as they have said God spoke to them as they watched us. When I went to the Fellowship of Christian Magicians’ conference I was the only one dancing. Some of the members didn’t know what to make of it at first, but by the end they were watching. Some attitudes were changed.

Where am I in my relationship with God? Are we feeling close or far away. I am not saying you have to feel close to God to minister through dance far from it God can use us and our dance if we are close or not. Maybe to speak to others or to bring us closer to him. If I am closer to God then I more receptive to what he is doing. My dance will be more what he intends. However as I have already said we should dance no matter how close we feel.


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