Trained vs. untrained dance in mission

In the latest Network Leaders 'cyber-chat' session, ICDF network coordinators reflected on some topics relating to Christian dance. Linda shares her thoughts about 'trained vs. untrained dance'... I always say that if the "heart" was God's priority choosing David as King, it should be for us too. There have been times when I have been more blessed … Continue reading Trained vs. untrained dance in mission


Restoration of Ministry

From the Networks cyberforum: “Like the choreography of a beautiful dance, the different ministries of God’s dance partners in the church are working together to bring God’s plan to fruition. God wants to dance with us.” (Brian Johnson – ‘Come Dance with Me’) I was thrilled and terrified to be asked to join the Compass … Continue reading Restoration of Ministry

Why is dance so effective in missions?

Visual communication can assault the heart, even bypassing the mind. Sadly, Hollywood assaults us with immorality and occult spirituality. BUT if this comment is true, then we make no apology for assaulting people's hearts with truth and purity. Visual Communication is powerful communication cross-culturally, and years learning language is unnecessary, if long-term workers are present … Continue reading Why is dance so effective in missions?