I Have to Do Research – Where Do I Start?

Lots of us research things, whether it is researching views on a particular Bible passage for our Bible Study Group, researching the historical or social background for a dance or other artwork, finding out what people in our church would like to have included in our Sunday services, or an online search for information on … Continue reading I Have to Do Research – Where Do I Start?


Network Newsletter: April 2017

Featuring ICDF'S Network for Academics, Writers & Researchers.

Peek inside for poetry, tips on starting a new writing project, and an article on how the experience of dance and movement can shape academic research.

Free-to-access articles on ICDF.com

It can be tricky to find affordable academic articles and resources outside of institutional libraries and affiliations. We are building a list of publications on the ICDF website, many free to download, which have been kindly shared by members and friends of ICDF. Our latest additions are by academic Lucinda Coleman. She writes on 'Conversations on the … Continue reading Free-to-access articles on ICDF.com