Dance around the world with a taste of Cultural Dance on Saturday, August 7th (FREE)

Experience the wonderful diversity in dance as teachers from many nations share/teach a phrase from their national dance. The workshop will be in two halves with a break in-between. This FREE workshop will be 2 1/2 hours of fun!


Send an email to Alison Bourke at for registration.

Check out the cultural dance styles that will be highlighted during the workshop:

Irish: Taught by Alison and McCrossan Children for Irish Dance

Bharatanatyam (Indian): Taught by Susanna

Hungarian: Taught by Melinda Ivanka

Indonesian: Taught by Lina Lasup

Fijian: Taught by Pita Specs

Spanish: Taught by Melanie in South Africa

Jamaican: Taught by Uncle Patrick

Ghanaian: Taught by Jude

Ugandan: Taught by Linette

Wear comfortable clothing and footwear that will allow you to move with the music.

Come on and get moving as you learn a new cultural dance style from around the world!

Watch interviews and dances from around the world on our YouTube Channel at

International Christian Dance Fellowship!

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