Dance Out Loud

Our purpose as a worshiper goes far beyond our gifting. We’re not just dancers, we are worshipers. This is what we were called to be before any title was given or before any gift was placed upon us. We were created to worship Him.

This purpose brings a new level in our dance and movement. This is a level where our anointing supersedes our abilities. A level where our testimony supersedes our techniques to the point that conviction is in our every movement as we minister to the people. Then and only then will our relationship with God come before the rhythm.

Now, to maximize that purpose, we are going to “Dance Out Loud” by allowing the sound within us to come through our movements as God’s instruments, as His voice. The message of God will be loud and clear as we witness and testify through our movements by telling others of how He brought us through our trials, our moments of triumph and victory. The people will be able to see the joy of our salvation and most of all, the hand of God’s faithfulness.

The people need to hear what the Lord is saying to them in this hour, so be transparent and speak with a resounding hallelujah by DANCING OUT LOUD!

~Medina Potter

ICDF Global Social Media Blogger (

Moda Worship Arts (

Photo courtesy of Medina Potter

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