Thoughts about leadership (Flags & Banners)

In March 2017, the Network Leaders had an online discussion about leadership, asking:

‘What is a Leader?’

Marie Bensley, Network Joint-Coordinator for Flags & Banners, responded:

My heart has always been to encourage others. So from that point of view I have been a facilitator. Even when I was very young I always wanted others to take part. I started teaching a free guitar group to get more young people to go to the church youth club and now many, many years later some of those people are leading worship in their far-flung churches!!!

Darlene West, also Joint-Coordinator for the network, reflected on her experience leading workshops:

I love having adults and children in the same workshop so that when I encourage each one, a parent hears me bringing out the best in his/her child and the child hears me affirm the parent.

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