Thoughts about leadership (Men in Dance)

In March 2017, the Network Leaders had an online discussion about leadership, asking:

‘What is a Leader?’

Andy Raine, Network Coordinator for Men in Dance, explained his thoughts about the importance of leaders reaching out to both believers and non-believers:

We had a general understanding in recent years that a lot of the focus of things God was doing was with unchurched believers, and with believers whose sphere of operation was outside the churches.

More recently our sense has been that the main move of God will be amongst people who are not yet even believers but are open to be caught up in His purposes, ‘arms and legs will come down from heaven’.

If we take these things seriously we need to plan around what God is doing so I’m seriously trying to get our (men-only) Facebook page to not stay in-house, but a place where all guys interested in dance are able to talk seriously about their experiences and concerns.

Any friends you have in dance, believers or not, as long as they’re men, it’s an open invite, and we’ll try to model an inclusive forum.

Get involved!

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or find out more about the ICDF Network for Men in Dance.

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Men interested in faith and movement are invited to join the Men in Dance discussion group on Facebook. This is a closed group offering men a confidential space to share their thoughts and experiences.

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