Combining Church and exercise!?!

Maybe we’re an odd bunch in this network. Christians who are also really into fitness and exercise *and* who want to combine the two! We could keep Christianity in the church, and exercise in the gym, but actually, bringing the two together has lots of benefits.

The WHY of a Christian fitness class:

  • We can bring a positive and godly approach to fitness – so often fitness becomes more about appearance than health, even becoming highly competitive and obsessive. But we can focus on valuing each other as we are and inspiring each other towards maintaining a good level of health and fitness for greater purposes.
  • The health benefits! – fitter and more energetic Christians bring that energy to their faith-life.
  • We can provide classes that are affordable, using our church halls or just meeting at a nearby park – equipment isn’t necessary for a fun and effective workout.
  • There’s the added blessing of fellowship with others with  the shared goal of being a healthier Christian – we can support each other and pray for each other.
  • The class can also bless our spirit with contemplation on Scripture – there is lots of different ways of including Bible verses in the class to fuel and nourish our spirit whilst we move and stretch our bodies.

Doesn’t that sound like plenty of reasons to have Christian fitness classes?

So, for now, those of us who share my excitement might be an odd bunch, but I reckon that it wont be long before others catch on and we’ll just be normal and commonplace because all the churches have fitness classes or groups. We don’t have to be all weird about it. Soon enough, we’ll be moving, chatting, puffing a little and rejoicing about being a more fit and fired up church. ICDF

If you’re going to the ICDF conference in Ghana next month, I’ll be looking forward to seeing you there, and you’ll be very welcome at my workshops.

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