Thoughts on my current dance with God

From my trip around the world last year (ICDF):
Again (still?), God is urging us to just dance. We don’t need music or words in order to dance. Just dance! Dance in worship, prayer, prophetic statements… Just dance! We are most ourselves, the people God made us to be, when we dance.

For myself:
A complex dance that weaves through my everyday work in a church-based community centre (I’m in the office now and will lead the Homework Centre with mostly young school children about 1.5 hours from now), my study, writing, research, family and household, and continuing to heal in my ankle and foot (dance is part of my therapy). And, of course, my dance classes, moments when I sense God calling me to dance in unusual places (without music or words), to worship in dance in church (with music and words) or at home (with or without music and words). I see my life as a dance and that God has made me a dancer.

How do you see your life? 

Debbie Bright

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