Faith-based Fitness Programs Trending

Some churches have their own gym! Some churches have yoga classes!  Other churches might take fright at even the mention of exercise at church but a growing number of churches have Christian fitness classes.

I don’t know what it’s like in your country, but I see around me here in Australia a growing interest in spiritual solutions for the troubles of life. Perhaps that’s why yoga is spreading around the world – people love the blend of exercise and spirituality. Christian exercise classes offer the best combination with the Living Word of God and His presence together with a balanced workout and the fellowship of other believers.

As Pete McCall, Personal Trainer, writes in this article, 10 Fitness Trends to Look Out For in 2016 ,  he rates faith-based fitness programs as the number 2 trend of the year! He predicts that programs in churches and other religious centres will become mainstream:

Faith-based communities are gathering places where people come together based on shared values and beliefs. . .

David Jack, the owner of the ActivLab studio in Phoenix, is adamant about the role that spiritual well-being plays in creating the right physical well-being. “If an individual is a member of a faith-based community, he or she is already a member of a community that can provide an environment for community, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical growth. Fitness, wellness and health play an integral role in helping every individual honor their own faith. As people improve their faith and their fitness it helps promote stronger families and communities. Activate the best, magnify the good.”

Faith-based exercise programs won’t replace traditional health clubs, but they will become more popular as people who share the same spiritual beliefs come together to improve their physical well-being.

The church is in the perfect position to make the most of this trend. I’m excited, because David Jack is so right. We want to honor our faith by being fit and well, but we need our spirituality and the support of others to succeed with our fitness goals, because it really isn’t easy, is it?

A Christian fitness class can be any type of movement, but the key ingredients are the people that come together to strengthen and encourage one another with the Word, with love and with faith, as only believers can. Let us spur one another on! 🙂

Lastly, just a quick mention for now of the three types of Christian fitness classes that I teach with their logos below: PraiseMoves, Mira Dance & CaraMayan. I’ll share more in my next blog post.


~Sharon Ereaux


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