Australian Dance Therapy Conference July 10-12, 2015 [Not just for therapists!]

This conference is not just for Dance Therapists, but includes many professions & skills: dance teachers & performers,  various kinds of expressive arts therapists -art /music/ drama, social workers, occupational therapists, physio therapists,  nurses, counselors,  psychologists….anyone curious or  interested in expressive / creative healing practices & well-being…

This is the first National conference in Australia in 7 years from the Dance Therapy Association of Australia,
It is an international conference with speakers & presenters from many countries including New Zealand, USA, UK, Hong Kong, Philippines and others. There are also pre and post conference specialized workshops.

Accommodation is being offered in homes of Melbourne participants for those coming from overseas or other parts of Australia on availability. Please ask any information through the conference website

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