Our New-Look ICDF Website!

ICDF logo new

We are very excited to announce that the first phase of the new ICDF website has been completed and that it has been launched for public viewing at www.icdf.com. Although still a work in progress we are happy with the result after months of meetings, planning and designing. We want to invite you to visit the website and to let us know what you think. Also, if you encounter any problems while navigating the website please contact us so that we can sort these out as soon as possible.

While working on the website we also set in motion the process to update the ICDF logo and the final result can be seen here below. It is a sad day to say goodbye to something that has been part Of ICDF for over 25 years but, at the same time. we are delighted with the way the new logo brings out the dynamic elements that make up ICDF.

Happy browsing!

Jan & Saartjie ~ ICDF joint-coordinators

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