NEWSFLASH Launching of our new Discussion Forums

“International Christian Dance Fellowship (ICDF) has now launched a discussion board for the purpose of generating healthy discussion about issues to do with our mission and ministry as creative artists in an ever-changing world situation. We will feature regular topics and it is open to all Christian Dance Fellowship members to participate in, as well as friends outside of ICDF who have an interest in the creative arts. Topics will be broad in range, and some will be controversial in nature. It is quite likely during these discussions that people may disagree from time to time. Expressing differing views robustly is alright, so long as the communication remains courteous, good-spirited and respectful toward the other in the interests of generating good fellowship. ICDF reserves the right to remove any blogs which it regards as trolling, disrespectful, use profane language, or are too off-topic”.
     The Discussion Forum can be reached through our website at or you can follow the link
     The first topic has been posted and we are looking forward to “meeting” you there.
Andrew Park
Discussion Forum Facilitator
Jan Dyer and Saartjie de Wet
International Christian Dance Fellowship
Joint Coordinators

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