What to do when kids are misbehaving or not listening in dance class?

I tell them that if they don’t listen I will be sending them upstairs to their parents.  They know I’m serious and they change their attitude immediately.   ~ Belma Vardy

Kids are too busy having fun to misbehave in my classes.

But in all honesty bad behaviour stems from boredom or activities that are not age appropriate. Make sure they feel like part of the team. Occasionally I need to talk to a parent. If it’s the child’s choice to be there it should not be a problem, just tell them that they can’t be a part of the group if they do not cooperate.

If the parent wants them to be there but it’s not their scene I suggest another creative outlet. There is no shame in them not enjoying something the parent or I enjoy.   ~ Roz Hancock

(Roz and Belma are joint-coordinators for the ICDF Network “Dance for Children”)

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