How to involve shy or unresponsive kids in dance?

Start young with play activities. Make sure they make friends straight away and don’t fuss over them. Distraction works!

~ Roz Hancock

I don’t force them, almost ignore them–they are usually at the back of the class.  Whatever I teach the other children, they do it because no one watches them, no one is behind them. During breaks I go talk to them, I encourage them, build them up and let them know how good they are, I build relationship with them, make them feel special.

When it comes time for the presentation–I place everyone in their places.  I call those shy kids up front and they end up leading the group and they LOVE it!  They feel energized and somehow the shyness goes away.  Everyone knows they’re shy and both parents and other children are in awe — and everyone knows “Indeed–this is God!”

~ Belma Vardy

(Belma and Roz are joint-coordinators for the ICDF Network “Dance for Children”)

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