Network Newsletter: April 2017

Every month, our Network Newsletter focuses on one ICDF network. Each newsletter is different. Discover photos, reflections, updates, prayer requests, and contributions from network coordinators and members from across the world.

This month: Academics, Writers & Researchers (AWARe) Network

Within ICDF, we have many members who write – poets, students, bloggers, researchers, and more. You will meet some of them in the pages of April’s Network Newsletter, produced by the AWARe Network.

Peek inside for poetry, tips on starting a new writing project, and an article on how the experience of dance and movement can shape academic research.

‘An art-maker may ‘think’ in the medium of her art-making. As a dancer, my thoughts are often experienced in my mind as movements, rather than as words.’

To read more, follow the link below:

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