“Creativity and the Arts” by David Ruis

David Ruis – Canadian, worship leader, pastor, songwriter, has written a blog entitled “Creativity and the Arts”. In it he shares his thoughts on areas like “Transformational Creativity”, “The Price for Missed Creativity”, “Art Phobia”, and “Releasing Creativity”. Given that as “creators”, artists, dancers, worshippers, writers, and choreographers we are creative, this is a worthwhile read to reflect on.

Quoting from the blog,

“Human creativity reflects the divine. When we begin to reflect his creativity, people will begin to understand something of their Creator and will respond with worship.

In the church, there is tension between those who want to express themselves artistically and those (usually in leadership) who feel the need to exert control and order in this area.

This struggle is most common between a pastor and worship leader or dance team. The leadership of the church and those involved with the arts must work together rather than struggle against one another.”

“There are an incredible amount of artists and creative people across the nation and the world. Everywhere I go, even areas that aren’t westernized, I see wounding and tearing in the artistic community. Art is so subjective, and this often causes friction.”

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