Lights, Camera, Move!

Five, six, seven, eight! Those numbers were sounding off left and right as we danced our way through choreography in our beloved studios prior to the 2020 pandemic. From point shoes to pandemic blues, so where are we now? Oh, do not worry, there is a story to tell about where we are and where we are headed. But no matter the story, when we are in front of the camera our story must speak out loud. What would your story say to encourage, propel, and motivate not only your movements, but a MOVEMENT?

At the end of the day, our story is in front of the camera. It may not be a “camera lens” per say, but it just might be through the eyes of others. Your dance is more than what you do on stage and it is more than being in front of that camera and under those lights. Displaying a part of you that is bigger than the stage that you are standing on is the real story. Now, that is empowering!

~Medina Potter, ICDF Global/Moda Worship Arts Ministry

Both Images Courtesy of Annetta Henderson, Anointed Dancer USA

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