Men in Dance series – #4: Isaac Akorli Gozah

This is an excerpt from a series of interviews from February 2018, presented in partnership with ICDF’s Network for Men in Dance.

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Isaac Akorli Gozah (Ghana)

Interviewer: Is it possible to make a living from doing what you love?

I must admit it is a very thought-provoking question based on the fact that your questions are literally the struggles of my life. And to be 100% percent sure, I might have to come back some decades back to give you an accurate answer. LOL.

Men in Dance - Isaac

Isaac and friend smiling

A little background about me would explain this. I developed love for dance in High School and it has been an awesome experience since. I went on to further my educational background on dance after diverting from Science to pursue a Bachelors of Art Degree in creative dance in the University of Education, Winneba. I graduated in 2014 successfully. I have also won some national dance competitions like the Close Up Dance Revolution 2014, Malta Guinness Street Dance Africa 5th Edition with my team Heroz Dance Crew.

Dance in Ghana doesn’t pay and it would be suicidal if you ever attempted to pursue it as a full-time career unless you are going to travel out of the country with it. In order to help improve dance in Ghana, I started a dance TV show called Age Channel which is dedicated to only dance and we are still on. It is in the creation of this TV show that my videography and photography career came. Also I have dedicated myself to shooting affordable dance videos for dancers so as to encourage them not to give up.

What does the future hold?

It is said, ‘find what you love and turn it into your career.’ Well, it doesn’t entirely apply to Africans. So even if you find what you love, you need to support yourself with something else. For me, luckily, I love both. And I would keep dancing any little chance I get. Whether for fun or as exercise.

Looking forward to following this journey with you, Isaac.

Men in Dance - Isaac 2

Isaac in performance

Men in Dance Network

Any man interested in dance can just go on Facebook, type in ‘Men in Dance Network’, and ask to join the group.

(If there are women who have questions, or are looking for pointers about working alongside men as dancers, we’ll be trying to build up suggestions and resources for that also, as Frequently Asked Questions. So address any enquiries to Andy Raine.)

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