Men in Dance series – #3: Jack English

This is an excerpt from a series of interviews from February 2018, presented in partnership with ICDF’s Network for Men in Dance.

Find out more about the interviews here.

Jack English (Ireland)

Interviewer: Jack, It was great to meet you in Kells last year – one of the highlights of my visit to Ireland.

We’re impressed with all you’re doing, the free-running, the dancing, your determination and energy. But when I met you, you’d had a nasty accident. Can you tell us more about that? That nasty injury you had was from landing on a live cable? Was it a burn to the foot and the opposite hand?

Yes, it was a live cable. Shocking!

Men in Dance - Jack English 2

Jack English (free-running between buildings)

How do you such high-risk stuff, and minimise the likelihood of injury? I guess the question is: How do you keep safe?

I minimise injuries by reasoning, and working my way up to things.

Reasoning? You mean like assessing probable risks?

Yes, I minimise injuries by training a lot! And working my way up to things.

Martha Graham once referred to dancers as ‘athletes of God’ – that phrase seems to suit you, not just a dancer, but an athlete, too. How do you keep the passion alive that spurs you on to be that athlete and dancer?

The passion comes from actually doing the activity and feeling the energy you get from completing little challenges.

There’s the flow, the concentration levels that make you forget all your troubles, and the strength it takes to accomplish these movements which makes you feel powerful too.

Men in Dance - Jack English 1

Jack English

Men in Dance Network

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(If there are women who have questions, or are looking for pointers about working alongside men as dancers, we’ll be trying to build up suggestions and resources for that also, as Frequently Asked Questions. So address any enquiries to Andy Raine.)

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