Men in Dance: Interview series

Earlier this year, the Men in Dance network conducted a set of interviews with some of their network members. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing snippets of their responses in a series of blog posts.

Join us as we gain insight into the joys, challenges, and diverse experiences of men who dance.

Get started: Read an excerpt from Jeremiah’s story here

Andy Raine, network coordinator for Men in Dance, explains:

This Network is for men, whether they think they can dance well or not.  It is not just for ICDF. It’s not just for men of a particular faith or framework of beliefs – but we respect each other’s journey. Our ‘Men in Dance Network’ on Facebook is becoming a place where we can share experiences, insights and resources with other dancers, all kinds of men who present dances, are trained dancers, teach classes or workshops or dance just for their own fitness, enjoyment and expression. Some dance as a contemplative exercise, a form of prayer, grounding the man in his physical being and connection to the earth or as a way of pushing against restrictions to come into a more spacious place.

This month [February 2018] we’ve been sharing a series of interviews, and what follows are excerpts from some of our men’s answers. (They’ve agreed to them being aired on a larger platform, too, so I hope you find the exchange interesting and stimulating.) Some of us are just beginning to get to hear from each other, and we often dance more readily than we speak!  

Want to know more?

Any man interested in dance can just go on Facebook, type in ‘Men in Dance Network’, and ask to join the group.

(If there are women who have questions, or are looking for pointers about working alongside men as dancers, we’ll be trying to build up suggestions and resources for that also, as Frequently Asked Questions. So address any enquiries to Andy Raine.)

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