Thoughts about leadership (Dance for Children)

In March 2017, the Network Leaders had an online discussion about leadership, asking:

‘What is a Leader?’

Belma Vardy, Network Joint-Coordinator for Dance for Children, shared her thoughts:

We are all leaders in some aspect. We all look to each other at some point and learn. That’s what the First Nations chiefs tell me. I see it like a school of fish swimming. Sometimes the blue fish goes to the front and leads and then he might move back and let the gold fish lead. We all have something to give in leadership at different times.

Roz Hancock, also Joint-Coordinator for the network, added:

Leadership – I believe we are all called to be leaders in some capacity, lead your siblings as an older sibling, lead friends, lead your children, lead at work, kids-church, serving in church life, in community, in the street and social media. Be a leader of positive Godly and fun values on Facebook and Instagram.

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