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Food wisdom: Sharing God’s vision for healthy eating

The ICDF Network for Fitness, Wellbeing & Movement Meditation invites you to join the conversation about food and nutrition that’s healthy for body, mind, and spirit.

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As dancers we really value our health, and we know how our diet and lifestyle impact not only our appearance but how good we feel in our bodies. Most of us would like more energy and better health but there’s just so much conflicting information around now about the best diet! The solution doesn’t seem so clear at all.

The Fitness, Wellbeing & Movement Meditation (FWAMM) Network has a particular interest in the best eating advice for health and wellbeing as well as in God’s best design for our food. As Christians we are in a unique position to know the Creator’s truth for wise food choices. I know for sure that He does want to guide us and advise us, because He’s helped me so much through my struggles with eating from both the mental/emotional perspective and a health/food intolerances perspective.


Nutrition has interested me since I was a teenager, and last year at the opportune age of 37, I became a Nutrition Coach. As I’ve learned over the years about good nutrition advice and watched for decades how ‘scientific advice’ is not always very scientific, but has actually been counterproductive, it’s become clearer to me that our spiritual enemy also has a plan and a strategy against our physical health. The extent of the false and misleading information given to us about food and diets reveals the hand of the ‘Father of Lies’.

For instance, it’s becoming evident to scientists that having more vegetable oils and less saturated fats has caused us harm (we need a balance of 50/50). Low salt advice is now shown to cause harm (we need more unrefined salt). Artificial sweeteners are now known to be causing harm to blood sugar and insulin levels just as too much refined sugar does. If you read common diet advice you might feel the need to cut out carbohydrates and animal protein, drastically reduce fat, and even limit beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, and fruit, leaving you with not very much that’s “good” to eat at all!

So what eating advice is good, right, true and noble? I invite us as a community of dancers and believers to talk and share. Let us pursue our Creator’s truth because that is where freedom is, even for our diets! I am convinced that He can turn our desires towards eating as He intended us to, as He heals and restores us from the inside out!


My short answer about it all is that to eat according to God’s design and instructions is the best thing for us. Whenever we mess with His good design, we find ourselves in trouble. This applies to how we grow our food and process our food. For instance, most other vegetable oils need a modern factory to produce them, but olive oil has been pressed for centuries!

The Bible speaks of ‘milk and honey’ as a sign of blessing. Jesus himself spoke of fish and eggs as good things (Luke 11:12 and I think He knows what He’s talking about 😉 ). God instructed the eating of meat and set rules around it. It may not have been his original design in Eden, but since the fall it is now a part of this world, which isn’t as it should be, at least not until He makes all things new. Our creator knows what is necessary for our health.

It can get more complicated than this, especially since when our health is damaged, it’s not a simple matter to repair it. And our food supply is not the same quality as it used to be. Regardless, our Lord has a very good plan and strategy for our health and wellbeing!

Let’s start sharing and inspire each other! Please post below in the comments with your thoughts and questions.

With blessings,

(Fitness, Wellbeing & Movement Meditation Network Coordinator)

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4 thoughts on “Food wisdom: Sharing God’s vision for healthy eating

  1. ladieslattesandlifting says:

    I always go back to our bodies being a temple for the Holy Ghost, therefore, we should treat it with respect and nourish it with what it needs. The lines for animal consumption are a little unclear to me. While I stay away from pork, and rarely eat beef, chicken, turkey, and eggs are a regular part of my diet. That being said, I think eating things from the ground, trees, plants etc. are all good for us and allow us to nourish our bodies without all this man-made stuff.

  2. Diana Sofina Nale says:

    Love this Sharon😍😍😍 would like to know more.. yesss as a dancer for Christ, nutrition is crucial. I feel confined because I know that my diet isn’t helping in any way in my physical ability to do much more. Bless you for this

    • Sharon Ereaux says:

      Thanks Di. Lovely to hear from you and thank you for the encouragement. I will hope to share more in the near future. Is there a particular aspect of diet to boost our dance ability that you’re wondering about? Like weight management, or energy levels?

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