Contributions: Sign & Worship

In September’s Network Newsletter, we invited readers to reflect on deaf sign and movement in worship. In this post, Anna and Kaye share their responses.

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Anna joins the conversation

Q. Do you have a dance/movement worship language? (This doesn’t need to include sign.)

A. This is a very good question.  I had to think about this and what came to mind is most of the time my dance/movement language involves unpicking the unusual moves of heaven and making them apparent on the earth to bring about more of God’s Kingdom here on earth.

Q. Do you or your church use deaf sign in worship? 

A. In the past I have created dance pieces using deaf sign.  During that time, I felt deaf sign very much enhanced my worship and what I wanted to communicate to God.

Kaye tells her story

Thank you for the newsletter, and the lovely document from Linda Wells too, which I was very encouraged and blessed by because….

For many years (since 1997 in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa) I have been using my hands and arms to worship and praise the Lord, as sometimes I found that the Lord did not want me to dance in the aisles but to stay in front of my chair and use my hands as my love language of worship to Him!

This came in very handy when I found that my wrists and shoulders were starting to pain when I used flags, plus I found that more people in the congregation, when I moved to the UK in 2000, were starting to use their hands and arms in worship more readily!

This was such a blessing to me to watch, because in spite of the rather reserved way that some UK churches worship, i.e., not allowing dancing/free movement in their churches, the raising of the hands has become more acceptable! Now the Lord has me in the music/worship band at my church, so I am now in the front using my hands more because of being restricted to movement when I sing, and this in turn has given more people within the congregation more of a love language of worship to the Lord to use, because I often see people copying my movements!  Especially the less active/limited knowledge of hand movements!

Praise You Lord for Your gentle nature and Your all consuming love for us all!

I encourage all dancers to start using their hands and arms more, just as Tendi mentioned in her write up in Linda’s document!

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2 thoughts on “Contributions: Sign & Worship

  1. Diana Hådell says:

    Hi my name is Diana Hådell. Live outside Gothenburg in Sweden.
    I have been dancing in worship for 17 years now. My immediate dancelanguage is and has been signlanguage. I am raised in a deaf and hearing impared family.
    Dancing out the language is and has been very moving for so many people. Your whole soul and body expresses the lyrics which becomes very powerful. And people fel touched because they see and understand the message in a deeper way.
    Greetings from Diana

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