Network Newsletter: October 2017

Every month, our Network Newsletter focuses on one ICDF network. Each newsletter is different. Discover photos, reflections, updates, prayer requests, and contributions from network coordinators and members from across the world.

October Newsletter: Dance Movement Therapy & Healing Network

ICDF’s Network for Dance Movement Therapy & Healing is made up of people throughout the world who facilitate healing for individuals and communities through the use of dance / movement and other expressive arts.

‘This is is one beautiful way, inspired by the scriptures, to engage with a relatable and an approachable God.’

In this month’s Network Newsletter, you will meet three practitioners from three different countries. They share their research and practices of dance movement therapy, with reflections on embodied prayer, body shapes speaking stories of breast cancer experiences, and the relationship between dance and other therapies.

To read more, follow the link below:

Photo provided by Cynthia Newland

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