Network Newsletters: June & July 2017

Every month, our Network Newsletter focuses on one ICDF network. Each newsletter is different. Discover photos, reflections, updates, prayer requests, and contributions from network coordinators and members from across the world.

June newsletter: Network for Dance Teachers

Whether you think of yourself as a Dance Teacher or not, we are sure you will find something of interest in this Network Newsletter. If you do teach dance, please consider joining ICDF’s Network for Dance Teachers.

Read June’s Network Newsletter for insights into the world of teaching dance and the vision at the heart of this network.

‘When our students come to realise how unique and special they are to God it can help them not to compare themselves to others in a negative way…’

To read June’s newsletter, follow the link below:

July newsletter: Creative Arts and Social Concern Network

Hear the heart of the Network Coordinator, Andrew Park, as he introduces us to the aims of ICDF’s Creative Arts and Social Concern Network. Share in the fun of “Hoola for Happiness,” an international organisation that uses hula hoops to share the love, joy and hope that can be found in Jesus to those who are hurting; and have the opportunity to read about “African Dance and Social Integration” in a paper by Dr Sylvanus Kwashie Kuwor.

Read July’s Network Newsletter and be challenged to consider how our art (dance or otherwise) can reach out with a message on behalf of and inclusive of  “the marginalised, disenfranchised, and otherwise privilege-denied!”

‘We need to be thinking as dance artists who we can support, and to be with Jesus in his social justice transformation mission…’

To read July’s newsletter, follow the link below:

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