Network Newsletter launched

This month, we have launched the Network Newsletter — a new way to keep updated with your ICDF networks!

Each Network Newsletter will focus on one network, with contributions from network coordinators and others. Through the newsletter, networks will have a chance to showcase their latest news and events, as well as share their vision with everyone in the wider ICDF community.

Network Newsletters will be produced alongside the Networks Blog, so you’ll still get articles and updates right here (or straight to your inbox if you’re a blog subscriber).

This month: Fitness, Well-being & Movement Meditation

The January 2017 Network Newsletter features the Fitness, Well-being and Movement Meditation Network. Take a look to find out what a Christian fitness class is like, what makes faith-based fitness and movement meditation distinctive, and how the network is using social media to grow an online community.

We are all about fitness classes that bless us completely – body, soul and spirit!

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