Enacting the prophetic word

by Steven Turner (CDF Britain)

This article was first published in the December 2016 edition of the ICDF Newsletter, “Flags & Banners.”

Over the last few years, God has taken me on a journey exploring the range of ways banners are used. The colours and images on the banners have always been spiritually significant to me but recently I have been discovering how these extend the spiritual impact of my movement as a dancer.

An example of this was when I was privileged to partner with God at a meeting …

Someone brought a word about seeing ribbons come down from God and starting to move around the room. This person explained how the image was about receiving gifts from God and then stepping out to use them. The ribbons were all different colours representing the different talents and gifts of each of us. Now I knew that there was something powerful in this word. The Holy Spirit spoke to me about using the banner which depicts ribbons of different colours and, as I used this, I was able to visually represent what was spiritually going on. This is why movement, banners and ribbons are so powerful when used by someone responding to the Holy Spirit. No longer is a spiritual truth just being spoken, this truth is being displayed in a visual way.

As the meeting went on people were able to listen to God and build on the word that had been given, praying for people to be released into new giftings, and then praying together in groups into specific things that were happening in their local communities. The use of banners and movement made a massive difference in this situation as it shifted the atmosphere and allowed space for the activation of people’s gifts.

It really excites me that, through prayer and working alongside the Holy Spirit, the banner can be transformed from being just a piece of coloured material on a stick, to a powerful visual weapon to be used in worship, ministry, intercession, prophesy and much more…

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