Releasing heavenly power

This article by Marie Bensley was first published in the December 2016 edition of the ICDF Newsletter, “Flags & Banners.”

The reason we use flags is because, I believe, there is a power released from the heavenlies when God sees surrendered and obedient hearts moving out in this way. Anyone can stand in a congregation and sing, but it takes passion, conviction, humility and courage to pick up a flag and announce to heaven and hell (and the assembled congregation) that you are following the Spirit’s instructions.

Many people would love to try to dance with a flag, but are put off by “what others may think”. My answer to that is simple – your audience is only One, the Lord Himself! We must also remember “Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart” – so you need only to have that willing heart to be accepted by Him.

If this is you: go to workshops, learn all you can, and practise at home before dancing in the church.

Characteristics of a Banner or Flag

  1. Demonstrates God is honoured
  2. Visually portrays a spiritual truth
  3. Enters the realms of spiritual warfare
  4. Proclaims your allegiance
  5. Makes a declaration of your faith
  6. Enhances praise and worship
  7. Ministers healing
  8. Attracts attention for evangelism
  9. Puts the enemy to flight
  10. Releases people who might not dance in any other way

Preparing for Spiritual Warfare

Focus on what you are attacking. Is it personal, family difficulties, church problems, town needs, community troubles, a wider desire to see the nation turn back to God, or a specific event in which you are involved, that needs strongholds to be broken and people protected and covered?

Using your Flags and taking the Offensive!

Pray in the Spirit so that you choose the colour of your flag or streamer which depicts the warfare that is on your heart.

Remember – you are the weapon. The flag has no powers in itself. It is cloth and pole! It is what you invest into it by your warrior prayer that makes the difference.

You may choose flags, ribbons or a staff, or any artefact that the Lord directs you to. Use them creatively as an extension and demonstration of your prayers and desires.

Marie Bensley
Flags & Banners Network Joint-Coordinator

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