Prayer from the Flags & Banners Network

This prayer by Darlene West was first published in the December 2016 edition of the ICDF Newsletter, “Flags & Banners.”

Prayer for the Network

The following is my prayer for the Flags and Banners Network.  Perhaps each one can agree in their hearts and we can offer our prayers to the Lord as a sweet fragrance.

Lord, I pray for the Flags & Banners Network and I thank you for creating us for such a time as this, at such an important time in history.

Thank you for handpicking us in our particular nation. Thank you for each nations uniqueness in their particular forms of art that display Your creative heart.

Thank you, Lord, that You are the Source of all creativity and when we’re plugged into You Your Spirit can flow through us to display Your Glory.

Lord, may we experience all of the facets of Your great Love for us, and have the ability to connect with Your heart expressing our passion for You in a multitude of creative ways.

I pray for the Flag Network and ask that you would make us sensitive to hear Your voice and springloaded to be obedient.

Please light the Fire once again in our hearts so we would burn again with the Fire of the Passion of Your Love. Cause us to shed the remains of hope deferred from the last season. Let us experience Your Father’s heart of love in a deeper way than we ever have. Cause us to Know that Your banner over us is Love, and know its deeper level meaning. Take us to deeper places in You.

I pray for Revelation.  First a revelation of what it means, to experientially have: Christ IN US, the Hope of Glory and all that entails.  I ask for a heart change and heart surgery, to remove any debris inside of us.  Bring to the surface, Lord, anything that hinders our relationship with You.  We want 100% freedom IN You, clean hands and a pure heart.  Cause Your Holy Spirit to freely flow through us like streams of living water so that others would be touched by You inside us.

Lord, I ask that You would please anoint us with your Holy Spirit as we teach others and that You would cause those who are flagging to experience You in many ways.  Use our bodies and flags as instruments of praise and worship.  We invite you to melt us, mould us, fill us to capacity with your Holy Spirit, and use us for Your Glory.

I pray for heavenly downloads of combining prophetic dance and flags and that Your Spirit would choreograph us when we least expect it.  Cause our hearts to leap as we let go and allow You to move us.  Cause us to be a blessing to others as we move with flags.  Continue to set people free as You move among us.

Lord, You said that the pure in heart will see God, and we want to see You.  Help us, as artists, to continue to be tender-hearted towards each other filtering offences through Your Holy Spirit so we don’t hold on to anything that is not of You.  We want to have clean hands and a pure heart, free of any offence.

I pray for Favour.  Favour in churches, communities and the marketplace, to wave our banners for You.  May Your Presence exude from within us and through our flags so that the atmosphere around us changes.  We want to be a Presence-driven Network.  Unless Your Spirit goes with us, we labour in vain.

Lord, thank you for the Freedom you’ve given us.  I’d like to pray for more freedom, that you would touch the hearts of our pastors and leaders that they would know the healing impact that flags have.  Give our pastors hearts to embrace the creative worship arts and give us hearts to honor them in all aspects. Please open doors for us to minister with flags in the new year, in places we haven’t done so before.

Father, again, thank you for wiring us in such a fashion as to display Your Creativity, what a blessing, we embrace the gifts You’ve given us and thank You for them.

In Jesus name,


Darlene West
Flags & Banners Network Joint-Coordinator

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