Trained vs. untrained dance in mission

In the latest Network Leaders ‘cyber-chat’ session, ICDF network coordinators reflected on some topics relating to Christian dance. Linda shares her thoughts about ‘trained vs. untrained dance’…

I always say that if the “heart” was God’s priority choosing David as King, it should be for us too.

There have been times when I have been more blessed by a worship leader who is slightly off key, or by a dance worshipper who is clearly not as trained, because the Holy Spirit has swept through the worship to touch hearts. It is a beautiful mystery only God knows and acts the way He does, but I love those moments …. especially as I still dance at my age, and that is not typical or expected.

I wonder if the difference is that when God moves in a church setting, and we all are one in Spirit and focus, He will always use anyone powerfully!

The emphasis on training might be suitable in a public setting for reaching unbelievers. People can be drawn in by the high level of technique that they have seen on TV and stage, and discover participants are Christians and have a higher message — perhaps bringing together skill and message makes it more powerful?

— Linda (Missions Network Coordinator)

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