From Slowness to Exuberance: It’s All Part of the Picture

From the Networks cyberforum:

“Like the choreography of a beautiful dance, the different ministries of God’s dance partners in the church are working together to bring God’s plan to fruition. God wants to dance with us.” (Brian Johnson – ‘Come Dance with Me’)

During the past 40 years, God’s choreography has shaped me consistently for my involvement in CDFA and ICDF in many ways, to help build the connection between the arts, dance, social justice and mission. My own art form, apart from being a reasonable sketcher of people, is writing and blogging. However, I always wanted to express my passion for the arts, social justice and mission in a far more passionate and `spirit-oiled’ style, which allowed for me to express who the real me is, with all the academic, theological, ideas-innovational parts, the prophetically imaginative, and true human and empathetic side to it being unsealed and un-hid (which is something public service stylized writing represses due to the need to be politically correct, “on policy”, dryly factual, and unbiased etc).

Becoming an ICDF coordinator for social concern and the creative arts, and more recently the discussion board facilitator, as well as my continually prolific blogging on Facebook and websites to do with mission, social justice etc. represent images of that continuing ‘choreography’. This represents both freedom (e.g. of expression) and at times a daunting responsibility. At times I slow dance with it all in challenged discomfort, and overwhelmed-ness, pulsating with angst at times, and at others times in sheer delight and danceful exuberance, knowing that God is there with me, as my faithful dance partner in mission and in life.

Finally, one of my dreams for this network I am involved with is…. Divine choreography coming into fruition for several mid-30’s members with a passion for the arts and social justice to see the value of having this network and stepping, artistically and skilfully into the network coordinating role and taking it further than I can at present. Been caretaking it for so long, and am well past the retirement stage. Time someone else took it on.

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