Losing Artistic Edginess? Proving that Wrong!

September 2015’s ICDF News Flash focuses on the ICDF Discussion Board

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To some extent, I have heard people who used to be a vibrant part of my local CDF saying around me that ‘the dance fellowship has lost its artistic edginess’.
I want to prove that wrong. ~ Andrew Park

What is the Discussion Forum?

  • a conversation opportunity
  • in community with other artists
  • it’s theological
  • a place for participation, engagement, conversation and creative expression

How does it work?

  • All discussions are open to everyone
  • Go to http://www.icdf.com/en/connect/discussion-forum
  • click on the Discussion Topic that you would like to join or follow
  • Remember to add in your email address for each topic to receive all the posts that are made

What are some topics open for discussion?

  • Fringe Ministries
  • I.C.D.Fellowship – What does the “F-word” actually mean to dancers and movement artists?
  • Christian dancers: all ballet and no brains?
  • Your dance injury
  • What if our men literally danced like David danced in 2 Samuel 6?
  • and more!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Andrew Park – ICDF Discussion Forum Facilitator

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