Positioned to Receive, Ministry back to Him

When I thought about the topic: Ministry Through Dance, the first thing that came to me was: am I being ministered to by others through dance, or am ministering to others.

If I’m being ministered to, through dance, I place myself in a position to receive. We prosper as our soul prospers and dance has a way of ministering to the mind and emotions as well as to one’s spirit. Dance is like a word-picture to me or like a parable. When I can’t remember a sermon, I will remember a dance. I remember being ministered to, deeply, through a dance 10 years ago, how a troupe of dancers were on stage and the dance morphed into a groom pursuing his bride. 20+ dancers were on stage. It was Holy Spirit choreographed and has left an imprint on my soul and my spirit to this day. I would say I was ministered to, in a deep way, that particular day.

When I’m dancing with flags I’m not thinking about how I’m ministering to others. I’m more so moving with how the Lord is moving me, to minister back to Him.


Darlene West

Flag & Banner Network

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