Ministry through dance… thoughts

“Ministry through dance”……the first thing that comes to me….is a picture of myself in my worship closet—-worshipping, communicating, giving my love expression, communing with the Lord in dance in my private time behind closed doors.  No one there, but the Lord and I — This to me is the highest, deepest, richest, ultimate most complete, rewarding and fulfilling ministry of dance.

Our entire church experienced Ministry in Dance when just a few weeks ago, Andrew and Marie Bensley came to my church and took the whole service.  It is the second time they have come to our church to minister.  They shared with words —their story in a nutshell and then talked about how Christians can overcome their difficult journeys…..with each segment they presented in words, they backed it up with a dance, sometimes with flags, sometimes without flags.  At the end they did a song of Blessing over the whole congregation.  Feedback is that the everyone just wanted to sit and chew on what had just gone on for the last hour, meditate on what they’d heard and seen and just sit and bask in the glory……Afterwards there was a line-up of people coming up to get prayer from them…..people were powerfully touched, people that came feeling stale got revived, new hope, new vision, a touch from the Lord…..that is “Ministry through dance”….



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