Dance, Revealing Who One is!

Hmm ………  What is “ministry through dance” ?

Dance is a language, a vocabulary of the body, a means of expression and communication, a physical manifestation of intangible realities (good or bad),  a conduit of spiritual forces …….

“Ministry” is a brokerage of another kingdom – the kingdom of heaven invading the kingdoms of this earth to bring life where there was death, hope where there was despair, healing where there was sickness.  It is brokering the Spirit of life to a needy, confused and broken world.  It is feeding people and nourishing them as one breaks bread and feeds another.  I can’t help but  go back to Luke 4:18 time and time again for this:

I personally think Dance can be used to do all of the above.  As Martha Graham once said “Movement never lies”.  Body language experts recognise that much can be gleaned by the way the body reveals the inner workings of a person, so all in all, dance is a demonstrative revealing of who one is !  For good or evil ……


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