Baggage in the word “ministry”

My negatives now are about the baggage that the word ‘ministryhas picked up. There’s so muchneed toand self-promotion, the notion that a ministry is a special rather than anordinary‘ person. The words [and example] of Jesus that ‘I am among you as one who serves‘ are a million miles away from what the NOTION of
ministry has become. ( I’m talking church etc, not dance ).

I wonder if that opposite spirit of enabling, availability is something we can emulate. The dance-world, like the term Ministry, is too often aboutLook at me’, stoney faced or a fixed smileand quietly cut-throat. Those are not our experience in ICDF, don’t misunderstand me, but exhausting things we can come into contact with in church circles or in the world of dance, and performance.

Hard to keep our integrity. Hard to stay eager, child-like and open. ‘I am among you as one who serves AND the Spirit of the Lord is upon me.’


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