Zingy and Zesty: Fitness, Well-being & Movement Meditation

Fitness, Well-being & Movement Meditation. (F, W & MM.) Those are three harmonious ingredients for a fabulous network.

If I were making a cocktail drink, this would be a mighty good one. It would be delicious, nutritious and zingy! Fitness, plus well-being, blended with movement meditation.  Sharon blog may.2014

I’ll tell you why it’s delicious: The Word of God is delicious to my soul. Especially when combined with dance or exercise since then my body feels good moving in agreement to the Word. I’m lengthening limbs, opening out my chest and drinking in the blessed meanings. The Word of God is deliciously thirst quenching.

I’m absolutely sure that it’s vitally nutritious too. Why? Because when I’m moving to Scripture, I’m engaging with the Living Word. He’s my daily bread, the air I breathe. He’s the deepest need of my Spirit, the One who sustains me. I move and feast on Him.

About eight years ago, I was struggling through life. I was depressed, anxious, unwell and overwhelmed, a young mother in a very troubled marriage. I had grown up going to church and reading the Bible. I knew that the Bible spoke of “life to the full” and being an overcomer. I knew that Jesus spoke of peace and rest, but I had no idea how to get those good things in my life. All I felt was heaviness, grief and despair.

How do I get all those good things of God to be a reality in my life? That’s the question that has led me onwards.

Today I’m a new person. The Lord has taught me and guided me. His Word has come alive to me and I know His power to heal and restore. I’m a flower that’s now opened up and a butterfly, emerged from its chrysalis.

And that’s why I know that this network is zingy & zesty. It’s the spice of life, the excitement of powerful & godly transformation! There couldn’t be anything more personally exciting than growing more alive with my Lord.

Do you want to be a part of the network? We’re keen to take this to the world! There are a number of great programs already available and many are creating their own approach.

~ Sharon Ereaux

FWMM Network Coordinator : sharon.ereaux@gmail.com

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Image courtesy of KEKO64/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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