The meaning of “community / fellowship” : Network Coordinator’s perspective

ICDF Network Coordinators recently discussed and shared their perspectives on “community”, or “fellowship”, through images and symbols.

ImageI love the idea of family dancing together. That’s what we do. All ages all stages.

~ Roz Hancock




ImageThis picture symbolizes something important about the crucified and risen Christ being at the centre of our shared lives and fellowship together.

~ Andrew Park



My picture of community is of a wheel with a central hub. Wheels have action and I love movement. I am the type who notices all the different hubcaps on vehicles!

In the centre for the Flags Network, and for ICDF would be the Spirit of the Living God, holding us all together and giving us momentum (Christ IN us, the Hope of Glory), as we move forward In Him.  The spokes are the nations.

~Darlene West

 Messianic dance in my opinion is 100% communal. We all hold hands focusing first on the LORD in our midst (I teach every dance with a scripture reading first, based on the words in the song, which are pure scripture, not people’s feeling about G-d or Yeshua) but secondly we focus on each other!
When I go to the ICDF Conferences or others I can greet someone and say, ‘I know you don’t I?’
If I have worshipped in a circle with someone it’s as if their face is burned in my brain and over a decade later I remember them. They became MY community.

~ Vera Chierico

Gathering around a campfire to talk and relate. I love that the centre of Australia is one very big monolithic rock. Like having the solid Rock, our good Father the centre of our lives and a solid foundation. What a great place for a campfire. This particular photo also has the lovely element of hearing the wisdom of the elders. Our networks may have older wiser ones, though perhaps not, but surely it’s valuable when they do?

Mostly, I was thinking of gathering around the flame of purpose and illumination, having the presence of God as the centre, shining His radiance onto us as we fellowship and discuss.  Image

~ Sharon Ereaux


Community is such a wide subject  and encompasses all the forms mentioned. Not too many years ago what we are doing would have been impossible. Thanks to the internet we have people from around the world discussing with each other in minutes. I really like that.

I am on a site called Ship of Fools. Several years ago one of our American members was very ill with Cancer. The ship rallied round and individual people made individual squares for a quilt. My wife Gill and a friend stitched together the British section of the quilt. It was then sent to America where it was added to sections from the US and other countries. Molly instructed that the staff at the hospital put it over her when she was dying. So that she could be surrounded by her friends during her final moments. They did this and she passed on knowing the love that the Ship of Fools had for her.

~ Peter Hothersall


The symbol I was looking for is one often used to depict the “trinity”.  It is quite abstract though and may not speak to all you gorgeous, embodied dancers but it represents to me some profound truths about community and “oneness”.  There is that part which overlaps and is one, and then there is that part of each which is separate – just like there is in the Godhead – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Image

I believe that is the deep truth of community.  It is not “all oneness” – “uniformity” etc. but there is that which is shared and intermingled and becomes “one” AND that which remains our individual essence and identity, that also distinguishes us from another.

The “Thou and I” relationship with God is the goal of our salvation – a union, communion, which makes us “one” and just preserves some of our “separateness”, which in turn enables the dialogue and the love to flow from one being to another.  This is what has been offered to us as the “body” of Christ – each an individual member but unable to exist on our own.

~ Sandy Godde

I think my favourite symbol of community is water-  sea, rivers, lakes. All streams, rivers, lakes, etc ultimately end up in the sea and the sea connects everyone on earth.  I guess because I live in a small country surrounded by sea, I am more aware of this. Everyone in New Zealand lives beside or near stream, river, lake or sea. When I look at the sea in New Zealand I am aware that it is this water that flows past all other countries and continents in the world. Whenever I travel internationally, I walk in or touch the sea whenever I can and think of how this is the same sea that connects with my own country. The sea excites me and God often speaks to me when I am walking, dancing or sitting beside the sea.

~ Debbie Bright

Why my picture? It feels very physical, a real hug. Very blokey, which only matters in that there’s no doubt that it’ll be a full-bodied know-that-you’ve been-hugged sort of hug – easier to portray that in a
blokey picture [not implying women don’t give good hugs!] – sometimes words get a bit distant, but mostly when we do this cyberforum I feel hugged. I might be reading Andrew’s reflections when they get complicated, but I’m still feeling hugged. And Peter’s are usually the best – when he says, ‘I feel crap, quick , hug me’ or whatever, then there seems to be no miles at all between us.


~ Andy Raine


As I was praying last night the Lord brought to my mind what we are doing at the moment as part of ‘community’. We are all in a family some large some small and the Lord has us there so we can pray for them daily or hourly if needed. Outside that is our village, Street, town, etc where we can make a difference by bringing Christ into various situations. Then there is our church fellowship. Large or small we meet, interact with and fellowship with people we would not naturally be with.
And Lastly the Lord reminded me of the ‘DANCE FELLOWSHIP’
A couple of years ago another friend who was a professional dancer also had very serious problems in her marriage which sadly did lead to a divorce – she said the only people who got her through the worst of times were her CDFB (Christian Dance Fellowship of Britain) dance friends. I think because we were there and we had danced together there is a deep connection, but not so close as seeing church friends week by week.
There is something very precious about the fellowship with other dancers as together we move and worship the Lord.

~ Marie & Andrew Bensley

The First Nations/Indigenous/Aboriginal Peoples… even though people are so far apart–when there is a wedding–there are no invitations–the whole community knows to attend.  We go from house to house to get everyone.  No one is ever — ever, ever left out of anything–because –“there’s not enough room, there’s not enough chairs, there’s not enough food” etc. etc.   There is always room made for everyone.  It shows value and acceptance and being embraced–no matter what.  It’s so beautiful.

~ Belma Vardy

A drawing of only one line to show the concept of community: near of 20 persons ( our silhouettes for instance) doing different Imagesimple movements and the general shape that they create could be a hill, a cross, a bridge, a labyrinth. I found a shortcut example.


~ Susana Gastaldi


























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