STREET ART: Using Public Spaces for Social Statement

The words “artist” and “social activist” may not always be said in the same breath, but putting the two together creates a message without the need for spoken words. I present a three-part reflection on the use of public spaces for social statement.

Yarn bombing is the use of knitted or crocheted works displayed in public places, and often surreptitiously installed.Graffiti uses painted words and/or images on public walls, sidewalks and spaces. Two of Candy Chang’s street art initiatives, “I wish this was…” and “Before I die…” are part of this reflection. During my research, I was confronted with the relevance, timelessness, and impact that using street art can have on people. Some are ardent supporters, whereas others think it criminal.

Throughout my presentation, I ask the question, “Is this type of street art ‘vandalism’, ‘art’, or ‘social statement’?” Using visual images, video and text within Storify, I have created my own social statement in a public space. I personally think street art can be a powerful tool, however, your answer to my question is up to you.

Now, I invite you to view my Storify presentation “STREET ART: Using Public Spaces for Social Statement” or

go to

~ Johanna Cardinal

ICDF Network Liaison, blogger and sometime social activist

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