Academic Writers and Researchers (AWARe) Network – with Debbie Bright Ph.D.

Academic Writers and Researchers (AWARe) Network:

My main reason for starting this network is because, like me, there are probably many people around the world who feel as if they are the only Christian doing what they are doing.  I see this network as a way of linking Christian academics, whatever their discipline and whether they are working in Christian or secular institutions. I can see a number of possibilities for this network: letting each other know what we are doing (I’d certainly love to hear), discussions in cyberforums, comments on Twitter and/or Facebook, producing an electronic journal (with optional refereed articles)… I welcome suggestions on what members feel they need and ways that the network could help to meet those needs.

Who am I? Image

My name is Debbie Bright. I live in the city of Hamilton in the North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand where I am wife, mother, grandmother, dancer, teacher, researcher, conference presenter, writer and publisher. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t know God and I don’t remember a time when I didn’t want to dance. Dance and my relationship with God have always been linked. I have taught and performed in Christian contexts locally, nationally and internationally (Australia, Costa Rica, England, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Suriname, Western Samoa and USA, to date).  I currently dance as part of the worship in my own church and recently danced “The Blessing” at our youngest daughter’s wedding. However, God’s leading in my life has generally been towards dancing and teaching in secular, rather than Christian, contexts.  Thus, I have taught in a wide range of areas, including dance, for about 30 years, mostly in tertiary contexts, but also with variously abled people of all ages in many different places and situations.

I completed a PhD in 2010 that involved the creative and performing arts (including my own dance), adult education, reflective practice, creativity, culture, spirituality, gender, different ways of knowing, and feminist, participatory and indigenous peoples’ worldviews. Since 2010, I have continued with all the different threads of my life, becoming a grandmother, writing papers and books  (1st and 2nd editions of 3 books now published, a 4th book at the design stage, and at least 3 more planned). I currently publish books in both traditional and electronic forms.

ICDF connections:

  • became involved in 1988 when ICDF began
  • New Zealand co-ordinator, 1996-2000
  • teaching and performing at numerous ICDF conferences
  • elected steering committee member of ICDF, 2000-2006 (my role involved supporting and visiting countries who were setting up constitutions and applying to become legal organisations in their own countries)
  • continuing support, mostly in my part of the world, since 2006

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