WHO owns your school?

I ‘gave’ my dance school to the Lord, a number of years ago. I even wrote it as a document and filed it away. I ‘saw’ Him as my ‘boss’ (best boss to work for) and myself as His employee in ‘His’ dance school. It took a lot of the strain of responsibly off my shoulders.  I was happy to follow the direction I felt came from Him. Then whatever happened was His responsibility!

I did however make the mistake of hiring an ancillary teacher, new in town, who was of a different agenda to me/our school. She was burnt out and just wanted to teach one day per week. I thought ‘what could be the harm in this’ – I needed a day off. She gave our highly gifted students an extra performance class.
Well, a year later, unbeknownst to me, she had regained her vitality, had her eye on my gifted students, planned her own school, convinced them all why she was a better teacher than me (and that she would put them in lots of competitions) and left the school taking 11 of the 12 gifted students she taught, with her!
It all happened in a week. I was stunned! I was dismayed! I felt cheated and felt naïve and very stupid. A Grade 4 class went from 12 students to 5 and a Grade 5 class went from 5 to 1!

I asked the Lord, what is happening? I couldn’t snap myself out of what I was feeling!
He ‘said’ clearly in my mind – “Why are you downcast? I am doing a new thing.”
Well that was February. By the end of that same term (April) I had new students and had exactly 12 students in the same Grade 4 class again! BUT STUDENTS OF A DIFFERENT NATURE! What a joy! They could hardly wait ‘til we came to the expressive section of the class, (after the technique). They LOVED doing the mime about falling into a pit and Jesus finding them and pulling them out, then dancing joyously.
The previous students who left, used to roll their eyes when we would get to this mime, as if to say ‘do we have to do this’? Grade 4 now became joyous to teach. SO even in my apparent misjudgement of hiring the ‘wrong’ teacher, God made even my mistakes to prosper! Glad I gave Him my school. He is the smartest business manager!!

~ Beth Bluett de Baudistel
ICDF Network Coordinator “Dance Teachers”

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