British and American Sign Language explained

I mix and match British Sign Language and American Sign Language. Whichever flows best in sign or dance.
I have one deaf friend here in the U.S. whereas I had dozens in the UK. It has been a hard loss for me.

Many hearing people say they “get dance worship” best when I add signs.

I often see a bridge forged between the deaf and hearing communities via  sign dance. I once had a deaf man weep as he told me he “heard music” for the first time when I used sign and dance together.

He was 45 years old.

It de-isolates the deaf, and helps hearers to connect head and heart as they learn to “Hear with their eyes.” it’s powerful!

If you put every nationality of deaf person in a room for three days, they will be communicating perfectly well in each others language. (Not so with hearers) There are many similarities, but UK and US are VERY different, and  it’s so discouraging. I use British Sign Language often and Americans get it well.

~ Linda Wells ICDF Network Coordinator “Deaf Signing”

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